When I saw this project on Thingiverse about a year ago, I downloaded all the files and ordered the parts immediately. I. had. to. have. my own working BMO. And I was blown away by how thoroughly documented and well-organized this project was.

I got printing and soldering as soon as the parts came in. I also spent quite a bit of time achieving a good finish on the parts. It turns out that you can sand and prime the parts as much as you want but 3d printed parts have a unique issue: gaps between layers that create sub-surface defects. Auto-body filler like Bondo is a common suggestion but is quite thick and requires a good amount of post processing which can be hard on parts with small features. So, a good alternative is good old white glue. It’s thin, easily sand-able, and self-leveling; perfect for the job. I probably spent more time than was necessary sanding, gluing, priming, and painting these parts, but I think it really paid off and I’m happy with the finished results.

I learned a lot about 3d part finishing as well as how to put together, wire up, and troubleshoot a small handheld electronics project and I can’t wait to start the next. Who wants to play video games?!

A huge “thank you” to user 3Derp for a thoroughly enjoyable and well designed project.