Totus Power

Totus Power is a company that came out of the Global Solutions Program at Singularity University. Their mission is to enable renewable energy systems to low-income communities in developing countries. This project is a portable adapter for recycled Lithium-Ion battery packs from electric vehicles. It can be recharged, snapped together with other batteries, and easily swapped out for a new one when it’s time.


Initial concept design and sketching was done with SU Labs Design Director, Robert Suarez to explore brand identity and usability. I then adapted these sketches into a CAD model for 3D printing which could be used both to conduct user testing and for presentation purposes.

Totus approached SU again a while after departing from the program to help fabricate a redesign which was done by a DMO Design. They intended to show off the prototype at the Detroit Auto Show in 2017. I interpreted the ID from DMO into a 3D printable model, built, and hand-finished a looks-like prototype to bring to the show.

Both iterations presented unique challenges for model making due to the large size and sliding/latch mechanism. The second model also used multi-material prints to provide rubber-like texture on the side panels.