Salt and Pepper Shakers

Concept Design, SFSU

This project explores the tradition of seasoning our food. Initial research yielded many variations on the standard “shaker,” however very few deviations seemed to exist. Upon further exploration, other forms of salt and pepper emerged: the salt block was particularly interesting to me. While primarily agricultural in it’s intent, the salt block evolves into an exquisite array of sculptures as it is consumed gradually. Inspired by the idea of¬†transformation through consumption, this design seeks to bring the sculptural nature of salt to the table while earning it’s rightful place as a beautiful and engaging centerpiece.

The prototyping process for the base gave me an excuse to practice 3D cuts using the CNC router (Shopbot). The base for the salt block went through a total of 3 iterations. The final profile adds an angular flair to the otherwise blocky (though eventually organic) shape of the salt brick.