Prototypes for IDEO CoLab

The CoLab is the R&D leg inside the global design firm, IDEO, which brings together companies and organizations to discuss how emerging technologies might play a part in shaping our future selves and future world. Through coordinated sprints that focus on concepts like money, transportation, and health incorporating technology like AI, IoT, and Blockchain, the CoLab builds prototypes that help frame this critical conversation.

I joined the team at IDEO CoLab for a short sprint to design and construct prototypes that would help tell the story about several future concepts they wanted to discuss at an upcoming partner event.


Storefront is a logistics platform with networked physical presence — i.e. a network of vending machines. Merchants can bid for slots and enter into Ethereum-based smart contracts.

I designed and fabricated a structure for this concept to hold two displays and an iPad. The final is made from laser cut MDF and acrylic. I also made a prototype of the prototype in cardboard to check the fit and feel.

You can read more about it here.



Claimbot enables automated insurance claim processing by pairing smart contracts with sensors that detect crashes.

I hacked an RC car with Arduino and added in some LED lights to a custom built dashboard and enclosure to demonstrate this concept. When the user presses a button on the dashboard, the car drives forward and crashes, at which point several LEDs flash to indicate bystanders taking photos of the accident. The car then reverses to return to its starting position.

Learn more about that prototype here.