Hexagon Partition

Laser Cut Flexible Partition

The hexagon partition is a project I designed and built for the Innovation Lab at Singularity University. It serves as a barrier between the lab’s newly acquired woodworking tools and the computer and tech display while demonstrating the lab’s digital fabrication capacity in a way that contributes to the space both aesthetically and functionally.

The installation is composed of over 50 laser-cut hexagonal tiles and uses polypropylene sheeting for light-diffusing windows and flexible joints. After several cardboard and plastic prototypes, I chose a manufacturing method maintained the honeycomb-like appeal while also providing the balance of structural integrity and flex necessary to hold a large dome structure of roughly seven feet in diameter.

This is one of the larger projects I’ve completed using only digital fabrication tools and I am pleased to say that it has held up to the wear and tear required of it in this high traffic setting.

Next steps are to outfit the wall with individually addressable LED lights that interact with visitors.