Candle Holder

Concept Design, SFSU

This is an experiment with sheet metal and fabrication by hand. The aesthetic is compact and functional because at the time, I lived in a very small studio apartment where space was precious. I maintain an appreciation for wall-mounted items and their efficiency of space and am sill rather fond of this piece.

The design is meant to contain a 250 count match box, providing convenient access to the matches because let’s face it, you can’t use a candle without a match or lighter. Why not integrate that critical part of the candle experience into the holder itself, that way they never get separated. I also think that the texture of the strike pad is visually interesting and the frame does a great job showcasing this otherwise unappreciated element.

Additional functionality is built in underneath with a curved shelf inteded for discarded matches to cool.

Next steps for this project are to experiment with scaling up production and increasing precision in manufacturing using automated processes.